Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Is Struts 1.x really dead?

Lately, I've been reading a lot of posts on various websites claiming that Struts 1.x is outdated and everyone should move to one of the new and shiny web frameworks. While I admit that Struts has its shortcomings and there have been no revolutionary new features in the official releases, I have some serious doubts about this statement.

First of all, there's too much applications already developed with Struts 1.x which need to be supported, at least in the next few years. Second, there's experience. Will you really be more productive, just because a different framework allows you to do things more easily? I don't think so - the experience and thereby productivity developers gained in the last few years using Struts is more important. Just think about your first project done with Struts and compare it to your current knowledge.

And then there's too much choice.. will JSF really rule the web world? How about Tapestry, Spring, Strecks, WebWork, ... ?! I think it will take another year or two until this "war" will be over, there's no real "winner" on the horizon yet..

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