Wednesday, February 08, 2012

11.1 EAP started

The first EAP of 11.1 is out and brings quite some new features and smaller additions. Please check out the detailed changelog for more information.

Oh, and did you check out the latest screencast showing new Validator integration features yet?

Struts 2.3.1.x
Integration has been updated to reflect new DTDs etc.

Facet/Struts Library
A couple of small improvements here, Struts library will now also be presented with dedicated name and gear wheel throughout project/library editor:

JSP Tags
A couple of additions (<s:a> tag namely) as well as long requested "method" support for tags referencing <action>s.

<param> support in <interceptor-ref>
A long standing feature request: support nested params when referencing interceptors in own interceptor-stack.

First, reference desired interceptor:
Then its properties will be available:

Ofcourse, all navigation (Find Usages, Goto Declaration, ...) and refactoring (renaming) features work here as well.

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